Manual Machinist

We are seeking a reliable, efficient Manual Machinist to join our growing team. In this position you run lathes and boring bars. Emphasis on quality, a dedication to performing work accurately, and a keen attention to detail are a must.

Machinist Duties and Responsibilities

Review, analyze, and follow various blueprints, diagrams, drawings, procedures, and instructions

Conduct quality assurance checks to confirm that machined items meet specifications and quality standards

Identify any product defects; record and report them accordingly.

Ensure that equipment is operational by handling preventative maintenance, performing regular quality checks, and calling for repairs when necessary

Document actions and products by completing required quality and production forms

Maintain a clean and safe work area

Perform all work to meet quality and safety standards and procedures

Job tasks and Qualifications:

Ability to run aspects of conventional equipment such as Bridgeport Mills, Boring Bar, and EngineLathes.

Read and/or decipher blueprints, hand-drawn sketches and verbal instructions.

Produce threads on lathes of every variety such as internal, external

Must have own basic tools such as micrometers, dial calipers, and dial indicators.

Recognize and calculate figures and amounts such as fractional size, decimal equivalent, and diameter.

Ability to perform the required visual inspection of parts.

Utilize precision measuring devices to inspect dimensions accurately

What We Offer

Medical Insurance

Dental and Vision Insurance

Positive Work Environment

$18-$27/hr. BOE


Please send your most recent resume to rkopet@trnstaffing. com

Don't Be Fooled

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